IIT Gandhinagar Summer Research Internship-Asha Gottapu, NIT Warangal


gashaMeet Gottapu Asha, a final year student pursuing M.Sc (Organic Chemistry) in NIT Warangal. She hails from Hyderabad with a very good CGPA of 8.88. Her areas of interest are Organic Synthesis, instrumental analysis of organic compounds and Organic spectroscopy. She pursues poetry writing, painting and writing essays on burning issues in societies as her hobbies.

She took the internship at IIT Gandhinagar, Gujarat. The internship programme was SRIP programme. This programme is for Student’s pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree at a prominent institution in India. The duration of this internship is two months. The stipend is 4000/month. The accommodation is free at IIT Gandhinagar Campus.

So let’s know more about her…


InternFeel: How you came to know about the internship? Generally what was your way of being in touch with the media to get the information about the various internships?

 Asha: I came to know about this internship through Internshala website and also our professors used to guide us about the various internships.


 IF: How much competitive is the selection process? What things you feel are looked for in the applicant by the selectors?

Asha: It is not too competitive like IAS internship, but ya at the same time it is not easy to get into. Since the applicants will be majorly from various IIT’s, NIT’s and from those if we have to select we should have good CGPA. When I applied the applicants were about 4500 and the selected candidates were about 70. So we can imagine that the selection process is how hard. The selectors will majorly look at Statement of purpose (SOP) and also your past internships or experience.


IF: What qualities of yours – educational / otherwise, you feel helped you in having an edge over the selection process?

Asha: As I have good CGPA of 8.88 and I am the first in class my professors gave a good feedback about me to the selectors about me as I kept my professors as my references. Also I had did my project work at one of the Pharmaceutical companies in my Graduation for one month. I think these things helped me for selection to this internship.


IF: Approximately when you got the news for the selection? How was the celebration?

Asha: Before I got the news of selection for this internship, I was selected for Indian Academy of Sciences’ SRF programme. In this programme I was allotted to a guide at National institute of Immunology, Delhi and I was all set to go to Delhi but when I got to here that I was also selected for Internship at IIT Gandhinagar I was totally confused in taking a decision of where to go.so there were no big celebrations after knowing the news.


IF: What all preparations you did (academic/otherwise) before joining and after the results?

Asha: After the results, I got the mail from them about how to reach the institute, facilities near institute. I replied them back so that they will consider my reply as acceptance of internship. Then I was in contact with my guide through mail and by my convenience I gave the date of joining to them.


IF: Any common mistakes which you feel students should avoid while searching and applying for internships?

Asha: The statement of purpose for carrying internship plays a vital role in the selection for any internship. So you should write your own ideas of research interests because copying something from internet will not help much.


IF: So Asha, could you please highlight us with what work/research project you carried out during the internship period? It’s application in near future and your work in it?

Asha: My work was on “Synthesis of Diphenyl butadiene derivatives(DPH)” which has applications in photo responsive gels, light emitting diodes, laser dyes. These applications are due to the properties of DPH like fluorescence, photo isomerisation.


IF: What was the best thing about the work culture and the internship? What all things you liked there? The difference you found in comparison with the work culture of our country?

 Asha: Although IIT Gandhinagar is a new IIT,but it has all facilities and latest instruments, machines. The work culture was very good there. We used to work in weekdays and for relief from work we used to have happy hours session also in between. Everyone there are very helpful. I liked the work culture there, they take research as part of life, work soulfully day and night. We used to have group meetings every week with the professor where the weekly work presentation is.


IF: What problems you or your friends faced, during the internship, which your juniors may be able to avoid? Any safety issues for girls, which generally all parents are fearing about? Food and accommodation?

Asha: There is absolutely no fear for Girls. Accommodation will be very good. The rooms will be very clean and the maintenance is also very clean there. Coming to Food the Gujarati Thali will be nice.


IF: Was this your first internship?

Asha: No, I have done one month project work at an Industry in Hyderabad during my Graduation.


IF: It would help the readers and other aspirants if you could bring a comparison among your two different experiences.

Asha: The both internships I have done are different to each since the work culture at industry will be different from the work culture in research. In industry I only learnt how we should operate the instruments only to basics while in research work I myself operated instruments. After doing internship in IIT Gandhinagar I learnt several things which are useful for research work and gained lot of confidence too.


IF: Were there any special events during the internships which you would like to share?

Asha: During my Internship, the department which I worked conducted “Drug Discovery Symposium” for two days. In that programme so many eminent personalities gave seminar on their research work which made me to create lot of interest towards research side. Coming to trips with friends there are lots of places to visit in Gandhinagar as well as in Ahmedabad. I visited places like Adalaj, Akshardam, IIM (Ahemdabad) campus, Alpha one mall, Indroda national park but I missed out to visit Gandhi Ashram.


IF: What was the guidance provided by your guide? What all support you received from your intern institute administration.

Asha: My guide used to give proper guidance about my work and I received good support from IIT Gandhinagar administration in case of accommodation, stipend.


IF: To whom all people you would, like to thank in context of this internship?

Asha: I would like to thank the Administration of IIT Gandhinagar for conducting this kind of internship programme to enhance the abilities of individuals and also for their hospitality. Also I would like to thank my guide Dr. Sriram for giving me an opportunity to work under him and also to my co-guides Jagadish and Veerabhadraiah who guided me all the time in internship period. I am thankful to all my lab mates who helped me. Last but not least I would like to thank my institution NIT Warangal and our Department of chemistry which encouraged me to do like this internship.


IF: How much difference this period of 8 weeks made in your intellectual capabilities and mindset. In broad terms what are your gains from this?

Asha: There is lot of difference in me after this two months, I developed much interest towards research field and I have learnt so many laboratory techniques.


IF: What are your future plans after this internship and how much impact this internship will have on it?

Asha: I am looking forward to do Ph.D. in any of the IIT’s. I think this internship will improve my profile and provide good recommendation.


IF: Any views about this initiative of InternFeel, and how beneficial it would be?

Asha: This type initiation will help juniors in clarifying their doubts about various internships and so this thought is very beneficial.


IF: So Asha, we are at the end of the interview. From the entire team of InternFeel, we thank you for taking out your time and sharing your experiences for everyone and we wish you best of luck for all your future endeavors.

Asha: Thank you very much.

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