About Us

When Things Go Wrong, We Get Going . . .

Sometimes bad experiences can lead to some innovative ways to combat it.

Ideas got sparked by an unpleasant internship experience from what was supposedly to be a great add on to the work profile of great repute. This spurred the creation of this platform where individuals can share their internship experiences – good or bad, for their juniors and counterparts. This pretty much sums up the creation of InternFeel – a start-up by a group of students.

InternFeel aims to help students make the most of their valuable time by enabling a wider dissemination of information resources, in order to connect students to internships and opportunities that are suited to provide them the best learning experience.

We invite students who have undergone internship or training – paid/unpaid – from lawyers to engineers to writers, to share their stories which can prove to be a guiding light for many.

Connect with us on facebook or drop a mail at internfeel[at]gmail[dot]com to make sure no one has a bad experience or misses out on a good one!