How to stay connected and get inspiration ? (Internship Guide Part- 3)

Stay Connected!

All students are advised to join the following groups and follow the pages to stay step ahead.


1. “Internship Abroad (Utkarsh)” group on facebook . Here you can find latest updates and queries posted by students who are in process of applying for internship and those having a good knowledge in this field and are willing to help others in getting a foreign internship.

2. InternFeel: Here you will find the interviews of the students who went for internships both in India and Abroad. These will provide you a great deal of insights about the actual internship and lot more tips to get them. Good to have email subscription for notification via website.

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3. Internshala: Here you will get notified by various openings of different internship programs. Good to have email subscription to receive email notification of different internships.

We Hope This Will Inspire You…

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