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Nirmalya Thakur | 13 Cool Experiences | Interview Part –3

Today we have with us Nirmalya who has worked and has experience at 13 different places (Yes!! 13). This is the final and Part 3 of the interview and covers his experiences in following places:

Campus Ambassador at Fluxus ’15 – techfest of IIT Indore (“Fluxus”)

Regional Marketing Manager at YoungSkilledIndia (“YoungSkilledIndia”)

Campus Ambassador at Techniche ’15 for IIT Guwahati (“Techniche”)

Organiser at JavaRace – 2015 and receiving the best organiser award (“JavaRace”)

IF: Tell us something about your internships including stipend, duration and place?


Fluxus – Fluxus is one of the grabdest fests of the country and one of those events that every student waits to be part of. This famous techfest of IIT Indore has all types of activities and events included that attract students from several parts of the country. I was selected to be the Campus Ambassador on basis of my previous experiences in this field and sheer zeal to work . I had been promoting and working as their ambassador since a few months before their fest and those efforts really paid off.

YoungSkilledIndia – Founded in 2014, Young Skilled India is a Professional Networking Platform that connects Seekers & Providers for catering to opportunities and mutual benefits of both. This internship began in May and is still underway. As members of YoungSkilledIndia Bhubaneswar, we are currently working on the various goals and initiatives of YSI.

Techniche – This fest of IIT Guwahati was another of my campus ambassador experiences, weher I had worked for the fest as their representative in my University. It all started around 5-6 months vefore the fest and was a nice experience.

JavaRace – JavaRace, 2015 was a city level Java workshop cum competition, which was organised by Wiresless & Teleca. I had been associated with Wireless & Teleca as their ambassador and helped them to make this event a grand success. The event took place in the initial months of 2015 in Bhubaneswar.

IF: How competitive was the selection process? According to you, which qualities have helped you have an edge in the selection process? Also, what were the key things that selectors were looking for?


Fluxus – Well, I have to say the selectors had bestowed lot of faith in me. Before my selection over a few years hardly any participants went from my University to participate in Fluxus. So to bring positive changes in these statistics, I was told to take responsibilty by the team and it was good to nurture my skills and expertise in this field by putting them to use.

YoungSkilledIndia – YoungSkilledIndia one of the most renowned well known professional networking platforms, looks out for individuals who have the desire to learn, contribute and grow as YSI interns. My past experiences in cohesion with my desire to work on such an awesome initiative helped me get the edge over others and qualify for the post.

Techniche – Guwahati being quite far from Bhubaneswar, the selectors were looking for someone who could genuinely help them promote and get positive results. It was a test for me but all went well.

JavaRace – The fact that it involved marketing over the entire city was a bit challenging. It was one of those events where I worked a lot. The selectors were on the llokout for individuals who could take up this responsibilty and work towards making this event a grand success and probably they felt that I met these qualities and hence gave me the opportunity.

IF: The best part of the experience? The things that brought you the best memories and moments?


Fluxus – The best part was arguably ths significant change in the statistics that I spoke of. To see a significant number of students visiting Fluxus for that year.

YoungSkilledIndia – There have been few really good memories to think of like seeing the tremendous response from people to be a part of YSI, meeting with other YSI members and I must say some of the really made me amazed by their way of thinking and ways to work for the organisation.

Techniche – The best part was to see close to 80 people registering for the fest. If we were to check the previous year’s histories, the hardyly a few would register but in this year with such outstanding numbers, I was very pleased.

JavaRace – The best part was to see the overwhelming number of participants, even much more than we expected.

IF: Now, the worst part. What are the areas in which you believe the firm/organisation/college could have been done a better?


Fluxus – It was an enthralling experience. I can’t remember any unhappy or sad memory related to it.

YoungSkilledIndia – Being part of such an organisation is really outstanding. It’s a special feeling, there have been no sad moments so far.

Techniche – Overall it was a good experience.

JavaRace – Overall it was a nice experience but honestly I feel some other venue could have been chosen which might have been easily apporachable, then maybe we could have had more enthusiasts participating.

IF: Lastly, do you have any words of advice or caution for students aspiring for these internships and reading this piece?

Nirmalya: I would like to say that these experiences were mine and although I would wish that everyone who learns about these experiences of mine, has the same or better memories, but it solely depends on the individual’s performance and abilities to prove himself/herself by being part of any team or working for any organisation. So irrespective of any organisation that you may work with, at the end of the day it’s not going to be how someone else felt by being a part of the same, but it’s going to be your performance, dedication, hard work, sincerity and commitment towards the allotted tasks that shall dictate your experiences. Finally I would also like to add that these experiences were shared just for the purpose of interview and not for advertisement. These experiences that I had could be different from yours and might not match for that I shall not be held responsible in any way at any time by any means. Also, I shall bear no rights of responsibility for any kinds of effects, experiences, memories, occurring or related happenings; that reading this interview may bring on the reader in the present or future.

We would like to thank Nirmalya for taking time out and giving us such in-depth interviews. We’d like to wish him all the best for his future endeavors.

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