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Nirmalya Thakur | 13 Cool Experiences | Interview Part –2

Today we have with us Nirmalya who has worked and has experience at 13 different places (Yes!! 13). This is the Part 2 of the interview and covers his experiences in following places:

Campus Ambassador for Ignus ’15 at IIT Jodhpur (“Ignus”)

Android App’s on Google Playstore being appreciated from Appszoom, top App-MarketPlace in Barcelona (“Android App”)

Campus Ambassador at Anwesha ’15 – techfest of IIT Patna (“Anwesha”)

Digital Marketing at TEDxKIITUniversity (“TED”)

Campus Ambassador at Quark ’15 for BITS Pilani (“Quark”)

IF: Tell us something about your internships including stipend, duration and place?


Ignus – Ignus is a well known techfest of IIT Jodhpur was yet another opportunity to learn and improve upon my skills of being a campus ambassador. As the representative of IIT Jodhpur, I had been working to promote the same at my University prior to the fest for a period of 3-4 months.

Android App – I had completed an online training on “Android” from Internshala and thereafter I started to make customised Android Apps of my own. It was not an internship but a training the experience of which proved really outstanding as my apps on Google PlayStore were appreciated by Appszoom, Barcelona – one of the well-known app marketplaces in the world, especially in Spain.

Anwesha – Anwesha, the techfest of IIT Patna is quite well known. I got a chance to associate with them as their Campus Ambassador post application for the same. It was around 3 odd months prior to the fest and involved rigorous work and had a lot of experiences to offer.

TED – It wasn’t exactly an internship but a grand event I was a part of. TED in itself incorporates a sacred motto, “ideas worth spreading”, working on this motto it was a moment of joy for me being a part of team TEDxKIITUniversity to gift TEDx, for the very first time at KIIT University. The theme of the event was T.R.I.B.E.(Think Rise Inspire Beyond Excellence). Owing to my experiences, work and interest in this field, I was probably given an opportunity to be a part of team TEDxKIITUniversity.

Quark – Quark the techfest of BITS Pilani has always been a fest I have waited to work for. The greatness of the fest and its plethora of opportunities have always excited me and it made me really elated when I got the opportunity to associate with them as their ambassador from KIIT University.

IF: How competitive was the selection process? According to you, which qualities have helped you have an edge in the selection process? Also, what were the key things that selectors were looking for?


Ignus – My prior experiences in this field merged with my ever increasing desire to work and learn played pivotal roles in my selection.

Android App – Well I have to say not many app developers have their apps featured on Appszoom. It was the uniqueness of my app and its effectiveness and simplicity that got it featured there. Appszoom looks to list such apps that are effective in their nature and serve a variety of purposes. My app being having the translation facility from one language into other languages was designed to serve varied nature of language barrier problems. Probably this is the reason they listed it up there

Anwesha – It was a bit competitive. There were many applicants and probably the selection committee chose experienced candidates over novices. So I got the opportunity to associate and work

TED – Team TEDxKIITUniversity was a group of enthusiastic, supremely talented, dedicated and hardworking individuals who has the sole aim of making this event a grand success. The organising team probably felt that I met some or most of these wualities hence I was given a chance to be a part of the same.

Quark – The selection process was no longer difficult for me. Having significant experiences in this field helped to me to convince the selection panel of my dedication and start work soon thereafter.

IF: The best part of the experience? The things that brought you the best memories and moments?


Ignus – The best part was to see my efforts getting paid off. Initially I never expected a good participation from my University owing to the great distance and approaching exams coming into consideration. However, I was proved wrong and the good numbers of participants from my University at the techfest made me feel overwhelmed.

Android App – The best part was being contacted by Appszoom. When I was contacted by Ms Anna Quintero and she was all praises for my app and said that it can come on Appszoom too.

Anwesha – The fact that team Anwesha had sent one of their members to my University to meet me and discuss the prospects of work was really wonderful.

TED – The best part was to see the event a grand success and all our contributions paying off, as it turned out to be one of the most outstanding and awesome events of the year.

Quark – The best part of the experience was to see my work getting paid off an the fest turning out to be a huge success.

IF: Now, the worst part. What are the areas in which you believe the firm/organisation/college could have been done a better?

Nirmalya: None of the internships had any such concerns. They were all good and memorable.


IF: How do you think this internship has helped you grow? In other words, what are your key takeaways from the internship?

Nirmalya: “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” is an well-known saying. But today the situation is such with academic pressure and other stresses in our lives that the promising cultivable minds of this generation are on the verge of becoming “Jack’s”, so on a personal note I feel that apart from involvement in academics proper involvement of the student in extra-curricular activities is utmost necessary for the overall development of the individual. These internships and experiences have not only helped me to acquire new skills and improve upon the existing ones but at the same time they have helped to developed and improve my interpersonal and intrapersonal skills. Working on cross-cultural platforms, managing groups, taking leadership roles, marketing and pursuing my passion of being involved in activities by balancing my academics, helped me to learn a lot through these experiences.

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