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Mohit Nad : Law Internship : ARA Law : Mumbai

IF: Please tell us something about yourself. What are your hobbies, interests. Where are you studying currently?

Mohit Nad (MN): My name is Mohit Nad, I am a five year student pursuing B.L.S. LL.B course from Government Law College, Mumbai associated with Mumbai University. I hail from Jaipur city which is also known as ‘pink city’ of India. I belong from a non-law background family, my family is a business class family. My hobbies are reading, playing cricket and traveling.

IF: Which internship did you get the chance to take? What was it all about? Stipend, duration and place.

Mohit: I got a opportunity to work at ARA Law, Mumbai office. It was one of my best internships throughout the law student carrier. ARA Law is well know for its Private Equity and Venture Capital practice and it is ‘the firm’ for getting exposure for a law student interested in working in these area of practice. The scope of internship mostly revolves around researching on corporate laws (Company Law, SEBI Regulations and RBI Regulations), drafting an article on any new issue and also assistance in due diligence of a investee company. Their office is very big and fancy, located in one of the beautiful buildings of the BKC area. People here are very friendly and easy to approach for any queries and clarification.

Name of the law firm and location: ARA Law, Mumbai (11th Floor, The Capital Building, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra (E)

Duration of Internship: 2 Months (1st December, 2015 – 31st January, 2016)

Timing: Monday to Friday (09:30 A.M. – 06:30 P.M.) You may have to stay back depending on the work load or till the time you finish the work assigned to you.

Stipend : INR 5,000/-

IF: How did you come to know about the internship? To what all sources you kept yourself connected?

MN: I always had interest in knowing about startups deals happening in Indian market and have been following VCCircle website and VCCedge website for the same purpose. From there I came to know about ARA Law and after researching more about firm, I realised that the firm specializes in PE & VC and M&A practice. I visited their website and applied for internship.

IF: Tell us about the procedure to apply for the internship. Who all are eligible to apply for this internship?

MN: In order to get an internship at ARA Law one has to send his/her CV along with a cover letter at After reviewing the CV you will receive a call for telephonic interview and on the basis of your interview they will confirm your internship. They usually take 4th Year or 5th Year students of five year law course or 2nd Year or 3rd Year students of three year law course.

IF: What were some of the negatives that you observed during the internship?

MN: There is only one bad thing that near office building there is no street food stalls for evening break as it is prohibited by government, but the firm does provide evening snacks for everyone.

IF: Let’s talk about how competitive the selection process is. What qualities of yours, you believe helped you in having an edge in the selection process? What key things you feel were looked for by the selectors?

MN: I applied by myself and not through college placement committee. So, it will be difficult for me to give you specific answer on competition part. However, if firm likes your CV they will give you a call for telephonic interview and one has to make sure that he/ she has to be thorough with the work he/she has done in past and mentioned in the CV.
My previous internships definitely helped me to get through this internship. Most importantly my confidence and to the point answers given by me on the questions raised by the interviewer. What helped me most was my learning from previous internships and of course the names of the firm along with my hard work done at those places.
Interviewer will only look for basic knowledge of laws which you have studied in your law course specially contract law, transfer of property law and company law. One can easily crack it even without having good internships record, if he/she is clear with basic concepts of general laws as mentioned before.

IF: Could you please highlight the work/research project you carried out during the internship period? Its application in the near future and your work in it?

MN: My sole purpose of joining ARA Law was to know more about PE & VC and M&A practice as these are my areas of interest which I want to pursue after graduating from my college. I was involved in the ongoing as well new transactions which came to the firm. I had to research on the various controversial points of law in order to inform the current position of law to my seniors so that they can draft the definitive agreements in a correct and legal manner. I assisted my seniors in due diligence of investee company for the purpose of investment transactions. I have also written legal articles for the firm and made memorandum on different subjects of laws for knowledge management of the firm.
Whatever I have done at ARA Law will definitely help me in future in some or the other way. My knowledge in the corporate laws has been enhanced by manifolds. I am grateful to the firm for providing me the internship opportunity.

IF: What are your gains and takeaways from this internship?

MN: Internship is not the only way, but yes it is certainly one of the ways to improve your intellectual capabilities provided if used properly, others being mooting and writing a research paper. According to me, internship is a mixture of all, you get to learn law, develop research skills, experience practical knowledge, improve your etiquette and develop speaking skills. Last but not the least, it helps in enhancing your drafting skills. One important aspect of doing an internship is also that you get to meet a lot of new people and experience different human behaviors and learn to face and adjust with them. Sometimes you get to experience a new city, if you have planned your internship in that fashion. 

IF: What are your future plans after this internship and how much impact this internship will have on it?

MN: I have joined another internship in Mumbai. I will be graduating in the month of May, 2016. So, currently looking for a job of associate position at corporate law firm in Mumbai. At the end of the day, I want to work at corporate law firm, so, whatever I have done in my past internships will definitely and certainly help me in giving edge over others who are joining at the same time with me.

We’d like to wish Mohit all the best for his career!

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