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Internship Narrative | Sanchayan Niyogi | IIT Kharagpur | Research Internship

In summer 2014, I got the precious opportunity to intern with the prestigious IIT Kharagpur in a research project, Innovation Challenge Grant under Green Policy Initiative for IIT Kharagpur Campus (IKC), sponsored by IIT Kharagpur, undertaken in the Department of Civil Engineering of this Institute. The period of my internship was from 15th May, 2014 to 25th July, 2014.

At first I was asked by the project leader from the student team involved in the project, to do a precise and quick research and give a proposal as a doc file or presentation on the segment of the research project I want to work in.

Accordingly, I had submitted my proposal involving 10-12 days of quick research on “Comprehensive Solid Waste Management and Recycling Plan”. My work was well appreciated by the project leader.

Then I got busy dealing with my semester examinations. After the completing my semester examinations, I arrived in IIT Kharagpur on 15th June, 2014 to work full time in the research project. I received a warm welcome by the student team involved in the research project. I was in close touch with two of the students of the team through social networking and over the phone since the inception of my internship, regarding work. I was accommodated in the Patel Hall of Residence by the Institute. The project leader became my ‘buddy’ and guided me in every step during my tenure at IIT Kharagpur. Slowly, I became good friends with the members of the project team. I was introduced with my co-intern from Jharkhand. With time, he has also became a good pal.

I started working from the next morning. The first phase my work involved me going to the central library of the Institute, study/read a lot – several books, journals, e-journals, subscriptions of the Institute, etc. to enrich myself with the knowledge required to carry on with the research work, collect and analyse data, etc. Along with continuing with my research related work, I got the opportunity to interact with the people of different hierarchy while conducting a ‘Campus Household Survey on Solid Waste Management’ as part of the report to be presented to Sponsored Research and Industrial Consultancy (SRIC), IIT Kharagpur.

During my internship tenure, I got to see the life and work culture of KGP. Students there utilise the nights as well. I myself had meeting regarding my research work with my ‘buddy’ even till 2 in the night! I was introduced to the Faculty Mentor of our research project by my ‘buddy’. He guided me and even sent me to other Professors whose research areas are related to my project, they were very co-operative and inspirational. Without their guidance, my tenure at IIT KGP wouldn’t be a success.

For the implementation of our research project, primarily in the campus and then outside, the student team of the Green Initiative Project has formed a company from Science and Technology Entrepreneurs Park (STEP), IIT KGP.

The student team of the project and the company are effectively the same. I also did a Market Research on the Recycling Industry and Marketing of vermicompost for the company. The vermicompost was made of organic wastes collected from the Halls of Residences of the campus. The revenue generated by the company is used to meet up its operational expenses.

Sanchayan with his friends

I was blessed to gain a lot of friends from my internship as well. Apart from the student team, I became good friends with my co-intern. Also I became friends with an intern from a different project. Thus this internship also helped me in networking.

Overall it was an awesome experience interning at IIT KGP.

My internship ended on 25th July, 2014 and I received a certificate acknowledging my internship. I felt quite sad when I had to leave the campus after submitting my report at SRIC, IIT KGP.


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