Internship Experience | Yashee Mathur | Mitacs Globalink 2016 | Research internship

At a glance

College – Applied Geology from IIT (ISM) Dhanbad

Place of work – Mitacs Globalink 2016 Research Internship, Canada

Process of application –One can go through their website and simply start by registering in the system

Eligibility – Various criteria

Duration of the internship – 12 weeks

Stipend – 6635 Canadian Dollars

Research topic – Water Management was the general theme

 In detail

InterFeel (IF): Please tell us something about yourself. Where are you studying currently?

Yashee Mathur (YM): Currently I am pursuing Applied Geology from IIT (ISM) Dhanbad. I was enrolled here through JEE Advanced. Apart from Mitacs Globalink 2016 Research Internship, I was also accepted for a full-time project at Freie University, Berlin, Germany with full scholarship.

IF: Give us details about your internship – process of application, stipend, duration and place?

YM: The process of application in case of Mitacs is very well formulated and simple. One can go through their website and simply start by registering in the system. Of course they have various eligibility criteria.

The application for this year is open and the last date to apply is 20th September.

The duration of my internship at University of Calgary, Alberta was 12 weeks. I received a total stipend of 6635 Canadian Dollars ($200/week for living expenses+ $1500 for flight tickets + $155 for visa + $30 per day for accommodation). Apart from this, Mitacs also paid for our health insurance. The stipend they provide was more than enough.

Duration of the internship – 12 weeks

Stipend – 6635 Canadian Dollars

IF: Let’s talk about how competitive the selection process was. Which qualities helped you to have edge in the selection process? According to you, what were the key things that selectors were looking for?

YM: As Mitacs has applicants from various countries around the globe, the selection process no doubt is very competitive. But one has to be very precise about selecting the projects.

You should only choose the projects in which you have some previous research. This will provide you an edge over others. While filling the form, there is a section in the project description which says about ‘student’s roles and responsibilities’ that is what they expect you to do. I tried my best to match my research profile with this section.

In my opinion, the decision of the selection, to a greater extent, also lies upon the professor, and they look for your eagerness to get associated with the project and some basic understanding of the related concepts

IF: Could you please highlight the work/research you carried out during your internship period?

YM: My research work falls in the general theme of ‘Water Management’. I compiled a global water dataset of isotopic tracers from around 1000 publications which analysed the isotopic composition of surface and groundwater. Further, I did a geospatial analysis using ArcGIS to infer the distribution of oxygen and hydrogen isotopes around the globe. This work shall help in developing a new global-scale perspective that would further help water researchers to better understand how fast groundwater moves, how much water can be used sustainably by humans for drinking, industry, food production etc.

IF: Can you give us interesting details about your experience – good and bad?

YM: My internship experience I’d say was a mixed one. On one hand I had a really supportive and enthusiastic supervisor but at the same time I faced some problems while staying there. Since I am a vegetarian, the food was a major concern as mostly non-vegetarian food is served in that part of Canada.

Secondly, many people had some visa issues there. There was a minor glitch from Mitacs’s side. The dates they suggested to fill in while applying for visa was before than the actual end of the internship date. So, there were many students whose visa expired before returning and they had to reschedule their flights which caused us to pay extra. And I was one of them. But, I guess Mitacs won’t repeat this mistake this year. So this won’t be a problem. As a caution, check your visa for the expiry date and not take it from granted.

But, at the end, I’d say, if there was a problem then there was a solution as well and now if I look back to those times – they were experiences which made me even stronger and confident about myself.

Apart from this, Calgary is a beautiful place surrounded with Canadian Rockies which gave us ample opportunities to try various water sports, hiking, camping etc.

IF: What impact do you think this internship had on your intellectual capabilities and mindset? In broader terms, what are your gains and takeaways?

YM: As I mentioned earlier, this internship has made me more confident about myself. It has provided me with a different perspective about the dynamism associated with research and how people from different parts of the globe can work together as a whole.

Living in a foreign country and doing everything on your own also makes you independent and responsible. Canada’s culture as a whole is so overwhelming that somewhere at the back of your mind you wish to visit again. The labs and infrastructure is also worth-mentioning.

At Bertha Lake, Waterton National Park, Alberta

At Bertha Lake, Waterton National Park, Alberta

IF: What are your future plans after this internship and how much impact this internship will have on it?

YM: This internship if not completely but partially has altered my future plans. Previously, I completely focused on campus placements and jobs but now I do consider going back to either Canada or any place for that matter to pursue higher studies. Maybe it’s the working culture there or a sorted and peaceful life, so, yes, I do consider going back.

IF: Lastly, do you have any words of advice or caution for students aspiring for this internship and reading this piece?

YM: I’d say if you are serious enough for getting a foreign internship, keep trying but seek guidance from people who have done that particular internship before so that you don’t repeat the common mistakes. It’s always better to ask for help rather than trying in a direction which would not yield any results.

We would like to thank Yashvee for sharing her amazing experience in form of such an insightful interview. We wish her all the very best for her future!


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