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Internship on Media communication

Internship Experience | Reema Jogi | ABP News | Media internship

Media communication
Internship on Media communication

At a glance

College – a final year student of mass communication (TYBMM) at Aurobindo Somaiya College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Vidhyavihar

Place of work – ABP News, Mumbai

Department – Team of Saas bahu aur Saazish

Process of application – Online application through websites like Internshala,, LetsIntern followed by a personal interview

Eligibility – media student of any year

Duration of the internship – one month

Stipend – None

 Kind of work – to go on the sets of the various TV serials along with the cameraman and record some scenes and ask questions to the actors regarding the scene and what is going to happen next for the content of the show.

In detail

InterFeel (IF): Please tell us something about yourself. Where are you studying currently? What are your hobbies and interests?

Reema Jogi (RJ): Well, I am a final year student of mass communication (TYBMM) at Aurobindo Somaiya College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Vidhyavihar. I am a very ambitious and hardworking person. I like to take each and every opportunity that comes my way to new things expecially pertaining to career goals. My hobbies are dancing and reading on various topics.

IF: Tell us something about your internship including stipend, duration and place?

RJ: As a prerequisite to completing SYBMM, we were required to take an internship with any media company. I chose to intern at ABP news channel for over a month at their office in Andheri, Mumbai. This internship was the best part of my life so far. I was allotted as an intern for the ABP’s entertainment show – Saas bahu aur Saazish. As a part of my internship, I worked as a reporter for the show and met TV actors, producers and directors and interviewed them. We had to conduct engaging interviews so as to find out as much information as possible about their professional and personal lives. These were then recorded and telecasted as a part of the ABP show.

Duration of the internship – a month

Stipend – no stipend

Kind of work – to go on the sets of the various TV serials along with the cameraman and record some scenes and ask questions to the actors regarding the scene and what is going to happen next

 IF: How did you come to know about the internship? What were the various sources you kept yourself connected with?

RJ: As a student of mass communication, we knew since the very beginning of our course that internships will help us build our resume. This will also help us to be aware and updated about our field to a great extent. By interning we not only gain certificate, but also a bunch of both good and bad experiences. I searched the web for applying for internships related to media.

By answering their given set of questions on the website as well as keeping an updated resume ready with all the information about my skills, activities, achievements and past experiences, I believe I got myself this internship.

IF: Tell us about the procedure to apply for the internship. Who all are eligible to apply for this internship?

RJ: There are various websites like Internshala,, LetsIntern and also advertisements in newspapers through which one can find out and apply for internships. Once you open the websites offering various internships, they ask you to build your profile for which you have to punch in your academic records, achievements, experiences, current year of education with the name of your college, and other similar details. Once the online resume of is ready, (some websites even ask to upload a soft copy of your updated resume as an attached copy) they project various companies who are looking for interns and their preferred eligibility criteria. So if you wish to apply for a particular company, all you need to do is click apply and they’ll ask as to why you want to do this internship and how much amount of time you can dedicate to them amongst other basic questions. And once you done filling in the required details, your profile will be sent to the company.

For this internship, they needed a media student as an intern as it is a media channel. To apply for an internship all you need is to show your ability in creating good write ups for them to be interested in your profile.

IF: Let’s talk about how competitive the selection process was. Which qualities helped you to have edge in the selection process? According to you, what were the key things that selectors were looking for?

RJ: As it was an online application, I believe many students had applied for it. According to me, good command over language, keen interest in the field of media and the urge to work hard played an important role for me during my interview round. Selectors are experienced people and they can find out a lot about a candidate from the way they talk and answer during the interview. I think that they were looking for someone who has a good command over oral and written language.

On the sets of Tanshn-e-Ishq with Zian Imam

IF: Could you please highlight the work/research you carried out during your internship period?

RJ: I worked for ABP’s own entertainment show called Saas Bahu aur Saazish. As the show covers the upcoming tracks of the Hindi TV serials, I was required to go on the sets of these Hindi TV serials every day. We had to research about the ongoing scene, what time it’s going to start etc. So my cameraman and I use to go to the sets as per the schedule allotted by our senior. We use to record the scene going on and then ask the actors/actresses about the scene and questions like how do they feel about the scene, what is about to happen next, are they enjoying the character they are playing and so on. My research work had to always be on the spot. In future, if I want to work for any media company my experience at ABP will count a lot.

IF:  What are your key takeaways from this internship?

RJ: This internship has given me a lot of experience and understanding about my field of interest which is media. I made some connection with various industry people. It helped me judge my capability to handle pressure, timings, follow orders, etc. I have a gained a good insight in functioning and ethics of the media world.

We would like to thank Reema for taking time out and giving this interview. We would also like to wish her all the best for her future endeavors. 

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