Internship Experience of Pardhu at 14 different places! (Includes CAG, Campus Diaries)

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InternFeel ID: IF15018

IF: Hello Pardhu, please tell us something about yourself. What are hobbies and interests? Where are you currently working / studying?
Pardhu: Hi.I am doing my final semester of Bachelors in Information Technology from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Hyderabad College of Engineering Nachupllay. I would be graduating in few more days  . I am born and brought up in Warangal.
I love writing poetry. I have written about 4 Songs for the campus events which are huge hits. I am fond of Public speaking and debates. I had been the delegate of Greece in MUNs of CBIT and BITS Pilani, Hyderabad.

IF Which internships did you get the chance to take? What was all about? Stipend, duration and lace?
Pardhu: I have done internships in various domains ranging from marketing, branding to content development and HR recruitment. Of all those specified below, my favorite areas of interest are Content development and Social Media Management.

Internship 1: Central Intern for Content Development and Management at Citizens for Accountable Governance at Ahmedabad, Gujarat.
Internship 2: Community Manager at Campus Diaries, Bangalore.
Internship 3: Global Student Ambassador for
Internship 4: Social Media Analyst at Admash Media
Internship 5: Global Intern from India at
Internship 6: Content Manager for
Internship 7: Social Media Intern and Ambassador for India at
Internship 8: Brand Ambassador Manager for
Internship 9: Student Ambassador for Sweden Education Day.
Internship 10: Handled Social Media accounts by the position of Social Media Intern at Various Companies like, TripOrTrap, HitchUp, Corefactors Inc.
Internship 11: Chapter Lead at ambitionME.
Internship 12: User Acquisition Intern at Thirstt.
Internship 13: Community Manager for Viber.
Internship 14: PR Manager for Plan Harbor.

Each internship has its own specific stipend and duration. Most of the internships listed above are performed remotely i.e. Virtual Internships. But there’s definitely a remuneration and reward for each of the internship which is either done from office or remote location. The only thing matter most is how well you perform your Job.
There are times I worked on multiple internships at one Go. The stipend depends on the kind of work and the depth of the work. I would say there would be times I earned about 5,000-10,000 per month doing multiple internships. Currently I am working with Admash Media as a Social Media Analyst.

IF: How did you come to know the internships? To what all sources you kept yourself connected?
Pardhu: I was just about to finish my Second year of graduation in May, 2013. I felt I am just passing my time with no proper inclination towards developing my skills and knowledge. And then with the help of my senior, Nikhil Kumar Prathapani who is now doing his MS in US had told me that I could use my time on internships if interested. That’s the very first time I realized that there’s a word called Internship and you could earn once you gain an expertise. I felt very much excited and ecstatic to start doing as many as possible internship and earn as much as I can through them.
I have been told about one source Internshala and through which I kept on retrieving the websites on Google that keep posted about various Internships available in and around.

IF: Tell us about the procedure to apply for the internship. Who all are eligible to apply for this internship?
Pardhu: Basically, we need to first understand what all are the requirements furnished by the employer and once if we are confident about our eligibility, we can directly apply for the same using the Internship websites or directly mailing the concerned authority a mail attaching your resume and briefing about your skills. The eligibility factor depends largely on the requirement of the company and sometimes on the nature of work too.

IF: What qualities of yours do you believe helped in getting this internship and making best out of them?
Pardhu: I long for satisfaction in any project I undertake. I always look positive at the deadlines and keep myself motivated to dream big and Scream Big. My levels of confidence are as much as I needed them at any instant. This positivity keeps me teaching new things and making most of any circumstance, however worst it could be. I keep on becoming better every day.

IF: Any common mistakes which you would feel students should avoid while researching and applying for internships?
Pardhu: The area of interest has to be chosen wisely and the filters that should be applied are to be considered correctly. Because internships are the ones that needs a good amount of time dedicated wholly for the successful accomplishment. That’s why it is important to apply for the relevant ones rather than applying for lots of internships.

IF: Could you please highlight the work or research project on which you carried out during the internships period in much detail as possible. Its application in the nearer future and work In it.
Pardhu: When I was working with Citizens for Accountable Governance (CAG), which is a team of professionals behind the structuring and execution of various political campaigns for Mr. Narendra Modi in making him the Prime Minister of India, I had worked on various projects.
There were projects related to RTIs, SOU Movement and Run for Unity movement. One very successful project I would like to put forth is Run for Unity movement which had witnessed about 4 Million Indians in more than 1100 locations across the country taking part in the Marathon. Run for Unity Movement is basically a tribute to late Shri Sardar Vallabhai patel on December 15, 2013 to gain support for the construction of Statue of Unity which is being constructed on Narmada belt in Gujarat. The background included a very close watch with every state coordinator of the marathon. Guiding them and clearing with the queries had been a learning experience. Resulting to all the hard work, Run for Unity created a very good impact on every citizen of the country. The impact is such a huge one that about 100’s of Tonnes of Iron is being collected for the construction of Sardar Patel’s statue on the name Loha Abhiyan. The Statue would be as much as 20 times bigger than the Statue of Unity thus making it the world’s most largest Statue till date. The present chief minister Smt. Anandiben has taken the charge of the movement and is under progress now.

IF: What was the best thing about the work culture and the internships? What were the things you like there?
Pardhu: You happen to experience the developing side of the world. Because when we just study and stay on campus, we just learn what’s been written but once you step out and stay away from the gang you will understand the real world. The work culture would be same everywhere. All I could say is the respect or the priority you would receive is not for you but for your work. And to gain it high, you need to give high.

IF: Were there any special events during the internships ?( events can be academics, field trips, hostel life etc.
Pardhu: Once my tenure in the office for this particular Internship had ended and assigned to work from my remote location, I had happened to work as a Head Coordinator for my University College Technical Symposium, Renascentia. This stage had taught me the extreme levels of managing multiple things at one effectively and energetically. But you know, that’s really proud to have managed to balance the both. I enjoy multitasking though.

IF: Were there any kind of problems you had to face while the period of your internship. Were there any problems that girls might have had to face?
Pardhu: Basically there would be no problems you would face when you have an enough guts to take the internship challenge and make it successful. The accommodation and hospitality are taken care by the company itself. There were many girls worked alongside me. I don’t think girls would face some problems while they do this kind of internships.

IF: What are your future plans after these internships and how much impact these will have? How much difference these internships made in your intellectual capabilities and mindset?
Pardhu: Definitely these internships have taken my thinking to a next level in terms of maturity. My ultimate goal is to crack Civils and become an IAS officer. All these internships whichever I have been doing are having a purpose. I wanted to touch base each and every field that is possible so that would make my work more efficient and easier when I am all set to take charge of a district as an IAS officer. I couldn’t describe in words the kind of motivation and energy I got from doing all these internships because they have taught me how well I could put forth myself and say to any challenge, I am in! Capabilities are exceptional large for each individual but it all depends on how you notice them.

IF: Who all would you like to thank in concern of these internships.
Pardhu: First and foremost my parents Bharathi and Shankar. My Dad’s stubbornness and my Mom’s patience are what I have inculcated and trying to make the most of these two weapons. Without the confidence they have poured in me, I would have been nothing today. My mentors Vishnu Vardhan Sir, Indira Ma’m, Joshi Shripad Sir for believing in me and extending a constant support in each and every word and action of mine. And my senior Nikhil who made me understand what all I could at a right time. My friends who had stayed with me in every odd and made their presence felt by boosting me to the next level. There are few best buddies Navya Jyothi, Ratna, Naveen, Vamsi, Prashanth and My roommates who stayed with me as the beacons of Support. Also My school that taught me the character and my Campus that transformed me into what that outside world needs me to be. I take this opportunity to thank eeveryone for encouragement.

IF:Views about this initiative of InternFeel and how beneficial it would be? Any suggestions or improvement?
Pardhu: I have seen many websites that share internship related information but the way InternFeel is doing, I seriously applaud the effort. Because sharing the experiences and the feeling an intern had while working might someday, sometime go handy for some other person. I would request you to continue this good work. I would recommend the students who are on hunt of Internships to go check InternFeel and understand what it takes to be a successful intern.

IF: It was so nice to know all about this, we agree you would have been busy with your academics Even then you took out time for this. We thank you and wish you the best of luck for future endeavors.
Pardhu: Thank you. Pleasure is all mine. I am glad to share with you my experiences. Best Wishes, too.

If you have any sincere queries regarding anything related to the experiences of Pardhu, you could mail him at pardhu.143143 at

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