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How Internships and Pornography are similar!

Did you read the title twice??

Yes, you read it correct. Internships and pornography are similar. I mean my words. Literally!

I will say this from the perspective of people running portals catering to internships and job opportunities. Maintaining facebook pages, subscription list, running campaigns on facebook, twitter, google plus and some even on pinterest!

Let’s see how it is similar.

How many of you have seen your classmates or your facebook friends (there is a difference between facebook friend and friend) sharing high quality porn on their or your timeline? Rarely, right. Unless their accounts have been hacked or they have been a victim of some shitty codes, you won’t see much on your “true” profile.

Now how many of you have seen your classmates of your facebook friends sharing the news or deadline of exciting internship on their or your timeline? Rarely, right? Unless you are the Mr. Rich or Mr. Popular or Ms. Beautiful or any combination, you won’t get such news often.

Every college student watches porn, at least once. Yes, even girls do! Next time someone says, he/she hates porn and hasn’t watched it, ask, “How can you hate something, which you haven’t seen?”

Long story short –

Your friends don’t share porn on social media, since they believe, it will reduce their self-evaluated self-respect among their friend circle.

Your friends don’t share news about internship opportunities, since they believe, many of his friends – who are equally or more talented than him – will come to know about the program and apply for it. His act of sharing is spicing up the competition against him! They believe, it will reduce their chances of getting selected.

It will let the world know, hey I watched this! You watch too.

It will let the world know, hey I am applying for this! You apply too.

There is another similarity, which works in a vicious cycle: None of my friends share such posts – both internships and pornography, so I should not do it too.

Okay, got it. Any stats for above similarity?

The above comes from study through many facebook and twitter pages of portals like,, Internshala, InternFeel, Internlelo, and many others.

Whenever such pages post a content that is either an inspiration message, a troll, or funny thing, or a seemingly related article, the number of shares, likes, comments, rockets up!

And, whenever such page post a content on “Internship Program at __, Deadline xx/yy/zz”, the number of views to their websites shoots up, but the number of likes and shares are in single digit! Go and check different posts on the page of or InternFeel and see it yourself!

Actionable point?

Just for a week try changing yourself and try sharing quality opportunities related content, from such pages publicly. Will it increase competition? Psychologically – yes! Practically – no! Do you really think, if 10 of your classmates apply for IAS-SRFP program in which 10000+ students apply, your chances gets reduced? Even if it does, there occurs another thing that increases your chances. After people see you sharing frequently, it will start working other way. You will start getting news and information from other people.

Good acts do get reciprocated! Try for a month and see the results yourself!

Happy sharing!

–  InternFeel


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