General Procedure and Miscellaneous points (Internship Guide Part-2 )


 Procedure Infographic-


Besides above mentioned scholarship programs following programs are also available which do not require any perquisite acceptance or
invitation from professors. Online application form is a sole criteria for selections of students in these programs.


Global Leadership Scholarship (Taiwan)

MITACS Globalink (Canada)

SN Bose Scholars Program (USA)

SRI Program (NTU Singapore)

Viterbi-India Internship Program (USA)

Miscellaneous points!

Online application forms submission is a very competitive mode to get a best (IIT or abroad) internship. Thousands of applications are invited
and only a few students are shortlisted. Following documents are critical for selection in this mode:

  • Curriculum Vitae (Max. 2 pages)
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP)

Applicants are advised to focus majorly in these two aspects while applying. Besides, direct emailing to professor mode for an internship is mostly preferred especially for abroad internships due to following reasons:

  • It eliminates a tough competition like in online application mode as only a few students successfully get an acceptance letter and probability of getting a scholarship automatically increases.
  • There is a possibility of getting stipend directly from the inviting professor which completely eliminates any requirement of a scholarship.
  • Student having an acceptance letter may prefer to proceed towards internship with his own funding in case no scholarship or stipend from professor is received.

It should be noted that sending an e-mail is a very crucial step and students frequently commit a mistake in this resulting into loss of a big opportunity. So, following guidelines are proposed while sending an email.

  • ┬áNever send your cover letter and CV as attached files in your e-mail. Use e-mail writing section for this.
  • Always mention waiting to hear from you at the end of cover letter.
  • Never send mails to two different professors of the same university (department) on a single day.
  • Never copy-paste the same Cover Letter all the time. Edit it based on the Field of interest of recipient professor.
  • Never send mail on weekends and check the office hours of recipient Professor.
  • Avoid sending mails in bulk as it may drop in to spam folder of recipient professor.


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