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If you have gone through –

Any academic experience for a period greater than 3 days and less than 2 years, you can share your experience on InternFeel and help lots of students looking for similar experiences.

Internships, Training, Industry visits, Workshops, Field visit, Apprenticeships, and others are all included in what we call as “Academic experience”.

How to share?  SCROLL down to get a 2 minute- form and we would get back to you within 24 hours!

You will also get to earn money by offering your skills, services and helping students. Just a chat of 20 minutes can earn you Rs 50!

What are the benefits of sharing internship experience?

  • Get tremendous boost to your online presence!
  • Good karma points for helping out juniors, who are far away from you!
  • Make some quick bucks! You have the option of allowing juniors have a chat with you. For every chat you have, we pay you!
  • The best of all, it will keep your experiences documented and alive forever!

Question: I had a bad experience at my internship. I want to share but without revealing my identity to anyone.

Answer: Yes, you can share your experience and prevent other students from going through the same. You will earn a lot of good karma points!  The entire interview will be kept anonymous – we mean it by saying this. No one will know your identity.  

Sounds good to me. How can I share my experience?

The interview can be through an online chat or via email. Give us your contact details using the form below and we will mail an invitation within half a day.

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