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Internships are now a days forming an important part of an undergraduate student’s college life. And why not, internships being one of the best way to add the highly needed practical skills, new experience and develop ones personality before leaving the college to face new challenges in the world.With all good things, generally not very easy to get, students face many problems in getting the right information at the right time. This is very important for getting the internship which will help you and not otherwise be a waste of time and money!  This aricle is an attempt to solve some of the many problems and prevent common mistakes done by students in their quest for the internships.

Objective – To spread awareness about different INTERNSHIP opportunities available for all students of B.Tech. 2nd and 3rd year which will direct them to explore and will motivate them to select the best one available in their particular area of interest.

So then, if all set, read on!!

Types of Internship in India (Intenship Guide Part -1)

General Procedure , Links and Miscellaneous Points  (Internship Guide Part-2 )

How to stay connected and get inspiration ? (Internship Guide Part- 3)


One Final Point!

Don’t apply for internship, just for the sake of getting one. Especially for research internships, apply only if you are really interested in the
research field. Aim to work in a field or on a project which fascinates you. There have been real stories of many students who were selected
for such internship and later repented for having a not-good-to-have- one experience! There are many other ways of getting knowledge and
experience, do try that too. If you do get an internship/training experience – good or bad, please don’t forget that there will be many many juniors throughout the country who will be needing your help, so come, take a step back and share your experiences for everyone. You might be super busy though, but you wouldn’t be reading this if everyone were like that. So take out some of your time and trust us, it really counts!

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