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Name: Anonymous

College: 4th year of my BLS, LL.B., ILS Law College, Pune 

Place of work: ARA Law, Mumbai

Process of Application: I applied independently, about 3 months in advance. I sent an email to along with my cover letter. It was about a month later that I received a call asking for a telephonic interview. The interview mainly consisted of my interest areas and about the previous research papers I had written. The confirmation mail was sent to me within half an hour of the call. 

Duration of the Internship: 9 June, 2016 – 8 July, 2016

Stipend: INR 5,000

Kind of work given: I received research work on the Contract Act, 1872, Companies Act, 2013, Registration Act, 1908, the Stamp Act, 1899, RBI Notifications. Other than this I was given drafting of trust deeds, shareholders’ resolution and board resolution. During the first week, all interns are assigned a mentor who further assigns the intern a topic of presentation which has to be presented on the intern’s last day. 

Work Environment: Though the work environment is highly professional, the associates are very friendly and approachable. They explained the research required properly to the interns and in case of any clarifications one can always approach them. But, the deadlines must be adhered to.

Key takeaways from the experience: The presentations every week were very informative and helped one increase their knowledge. There were not exactly any bad things about the firm, but anyone traveling from Kurla Station might find the transport system a bit of a problem.

Rate the internship: 7/10

 The person chose to give this interview anonymously. We respect the privacy of the person. 

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