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Bad Internship Experience

Today we have with us a girl who wants to be called AB. She had taken up an internship with Livon to promote their new serum. Initially, this was meant to be a one month internship, turned to three without the promised perks and incentives. The head was unresponsive and wasn’t clear on the tasks herself.

Please read on to know more about her not so pleasant, but bad internship experience.

InternFeel (IF): Please tell us something about yourself.

AB: Hello. I am from Lucknow, currently pursuing my BJMC from X University, Agra. I love to write and I am also a content writer. I also love writing poems and sketching. I’m a foodie and a dog lover. I take every chance that I get to travel.

IF: Tell us something about your internship including stipend, duration and place?

AB: Basically I’m not into internships at all because I want my studies to be my main focus. I got to know about this through one of my batch mate. She told me about this internship at livon which was virtual and didn’t require us to go anywhere. She persuaded to me join and I thought about it and decided to give this new experience a chance.

And as it turns out, this is going to be my first and last virtual internship.

Though the internship was under the name of Livon, I was required to work under a blogger from Lucknow called Shubhi Garg. She was our head and we had to work as Livon campus ambassador. With all of my friends, we decided to give it a shot and signed up for the induction meet.

We were initially told that the internship was for a month. But it lasted more than 3 months. This started around December last year, though I don’t remember exactly when and lasted from April to July.

Our head called just multiple times to take to take the sachets of livon. What we were required to do was, give people the sachets and in return take their contact details. These contact details were required to be maintained in a specific spreadsheet with the details of the people we handed the sachets to.

We did exactly as we were instructed to do. But she was never happy or appreciative. In fact she criticized us a lot. Further, we also were required to enter the details on the Livon microsite. On most occasions, the microsite would not work.

When we asked our head for help, she would talk in a foul manner and would on certain occasions also misbehave.

We decided to leave the internship as our overall experience wasn’t good and the duration kept extending.

IF: Before joining the internship, what all things did they promise you? Like during induction or before that?

AB: There were false promises made that there would be surprises coming up for us. They also said that there will be a weekly winner and runner-ups and that these winners will get gift hampers from Livon. Further it was also part of the deal that the one intern who works the best will be offered a one-week internship at Livon’s office.

IF: During your internship period did you see anyone getting those assured prizes/gifts?

AB: No. They were always very confused about what kind of tasks should be given. In the end, nothing really worked out. They were extremely disorganized.

IF: What is your advice for readers, and junior students, on how to avoid such things?

AB: I would say don’t avoid these things because even in a bad experience, one learns different things which are much needed experiences.

But be alert on how things are working and make sure your heads are aware about the task that you have to do and also they complete their promises. This is very important because most of the times they themselves don’t remember the things they have told you at first.

IF: Amongst all the bad experience you had, was there any moment that was worth cherising?

AB: Yes. We met a girl who has come from a country abroad who gave us some natural beauty tips. Although I had known about it all from my granny, it was quite cute to hear it in her different accent and her humorous way of talking.

AB rated this internship 1 on the scale of 1 to 10, 1 being the lowest.

As AB has very correctly mentioned in her interview, that is important to have such experiences as they teach us a lot too. But we at InternFeel believe in making informed choices. Such bad experience account, helps our readers to make better choices.

Note: Name of the intern changed to protect her identity.

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We are having a mission to prevent firms taking interns casually! A mission to have interns get a good experience for their work!

Thank you!

-Team InternFeel

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